Best Hair loss Treatment review


Hair which is made of a protein called Keratin grows everywhere in the human body except the palm and the sole of your feet.An average adult head is estimated to have about 100,000 to 150,000 and hairs and persons are likely to lose about 100 of them a day. Losing a few hairs daily is, therefore, nothing to get alarmed about. However, stress, pregnancy, thyroid and other such causes may make you lose hair rapidly, which have to be treated using medications and hair treatments.

Types of hair loss treatments

You could treat hair loss better, only if you take into account the cause for the hair loss. Scientists are directing their efforts towards developing hair loss treatments that are both safe and effective. Top 3 best-reviewed hair loss treatment include

• Best topical treatment for hair loss- Men’s Rogaine Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment (5 percent minoxidil)
• Best oral treatment for hair loss – Propecia (finasteride)
• Best treatment for permanent results- Hair transplant surgery

Topical treatment of hair loss review
Hair loss treatments review points to Men’s Rogaine’s Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment with 5 percent minoxidil as the first defense against male and female pattern baldness or genetic hair loss. The reviewers are of the opinion that the treatment has been proved to be effective in both men and women who have genetic hair loss, also known as the androgenic alopecia or AGA. The effectiveness of the use of minoxidil has been proven in a number of double-blind clinical tests.

Oral treatment for hair loss
Propecia, which is prescribed by doctors is supposed to be more effective than minoxidil at growing back hair, but it is not approved for women, especially pregnant women. Propecia must be taken daily for a year to provide results. Hair loss treatments review shows that it is particularly effective when it is a part of a combination therapy. Studies indicate significant hair growth in 87% of test subjects in Japan.

Hair transplant surgery
It is a permanent solution, but it is expensive and not appropriate for all cases of hair loss. Some people may require multiple surgeries adding to the cost. It is ideal only for persons whose balding pattern forms the shape of a wreath.

Hair loss treatments review, suggest the use of topical treatment for 3 months, an oral treatment for a month, even if your pattern of baldness qualifies for hair transplantation.